Tuesday, 17 May 2011

apocilps part3

next i moved my ork lootas and kicked a eldars butt by burning it.nu8;phbg  bg

Thursday, 12 May 2011

apocilps part2

next turn i move all my warbikes to a dark eldar squad and ablivirated  all of them then i send in 5ork nobs and circled  remaining 7. But at his next go he got his raider and venom.Bum. The venom blasterd 3 nobs and 1 warbike until on my next turn sneekily my killer kans cruled up on the venom and. KA-BOOM!!! and so on his next go he cruels away like a little slug on a brick fighting for its terturie against a spider... anyway.  the stupied tau just come along and start being stupied and... find out in part 3 

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

the great big apocalips!!! (what happened) part 1

look back at my 4th post  ( apocalips ) what happend:
( dice rolls )
mine 5
6 and
4 i go secound. My first go i takeout 16 spacemarine body gaurds with bolters then destroy a Necron warpost and 3 troops with my skarboy squad and battlewagon. Then kill 4 heavy armeir tau troops ( way ) with grots, ork nobs and 2 ork bikes. then  it takes its tole when 7 imperal gaurd stormtroopers wreck my battle wagon and parilise it. So on my turn next i kill them all with my big mek and my  2nd in comand warlord  ha ha then with my deff coptas and big thrakas i destroy his tank  (he's furious!) then i take out 12 dark choas spacemarine ! with my main warlord and 20 ork boys and kill the rest of tau body gaurds  ka-boom! see my next part to see what happens next!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

mistake! remake!(bink)

Hi again! sorry but  i got a bit of stuff wrong! First its out 13th of may 2011 and also you can free run and still shoot at the same time! Also i promise my next post will be what happened in the apoclips game and whach the video its great! (Oh and its pegi 16 not pegi 18!)

Sunday, 1 May 2011

the great big apocalips!!!

yes you've guesed it an apocalips! if you don't now what an apocalips is its well warhammer 40k were theres absoulutly every armie in the warhammer dictonary! so you kinda know that theres goner be a fight! my armie was orks i had: 36 boys, 28 nobs, 10 skarboys and 6 warbosses and 3 warlords so thats over lets see
36                     so thats 83 orks! but my friend (ryan)  28                       had about 111 imperial guards so i had  
10                       no chance! but lukily every one else in
 6                       the battle had even amounts of troops
 3                       so i had a chance with them! i'll send
__ add                   you what had happend in my next post!

Saturday, 30 April 2011

news flash brink!!!!!!!!!

Hi everybody! yes new game brink!its all about 2 armies one the republic and the securety who are stuck on a future ristic island called the ark. its all because there's way two many people and way two little food and drink so its on the brink of civil war. You can create your own weopens and you own looks from skin color and body shape to your own armier its out on xbox360,ps3 and computer ands out in 17 to 20th of may 2011!  

Saturday, 9 April 2011


Whomp Land: DO YOU LIKE THE NEW WALLPAPER?: "its not like im putting black templars on is it?well i dont" how do you actully get wall paper kingwhomp?! im the miner (lou) im in trouble you see