Wednesday, 11 May 2011

the great big apocalips!!! (what happened) part 1

look back at my 4th post  ( apocalips ) what happend:
( dice rolls )
mine 5
6 and
4 i go secound. My first go i takeout 16 spacemarine body gaurds with bolters then destroy a Necron warpost and 3 troops with my skarboy squad and battlewagon. Then kill 4 heavy armeir tau troops ( way ) with grots, ork nobs and 2 ork bikes. then  it takes its tole when 7 imperal gaurd stormtroopers wreck my battle wagon and parilise it. So on my turn next i kill them all with my big mek and my  2nd in comand warlord  ha ha then with my deff coptas and big thrakas i destroy his tank  (he's furious!) then i take out 12 dark choas spacemarine ! with my main warlord and 20 ork boys and kill the rest of tau body gaurds  ka-boom! see my next part to see what happens next!

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